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Software Platform

Velo is a reusable, domain-independent, eScience environment and knowledge management infrastructure for modeling and simulation. It leverages, integrates, and extends web-based, open-source collaborative and data management technologies to create a scalable core platform tailored to specific science domains. Velo also orchestrates complex workflows so common functions can be developed as reusable components generic to any workflows.

POCs: Kerstin Kleese van Dam and Marty Peterson


van Dam KK, C Lansing, T Elsethagen, J Hathaway, Z Guillen, J Dirks, D Skorski, E Stephan, W Gorrissen, I Gorton, and Y Liu. 2014. “Nationwide buildings energy research enabled through an integrated data intensive.” Building Simulation 7(4):335-343. DOI: 10.1007/s12273-014-0171-x.

Gorton I, C Sivaramakrishnan, G Black, S White, S Purohit, C Lansing, M Madison, K Schuchardt, and Y Liu. 2012. “Velo: A Knowledge-Management Framework for Modeling and Simulation.” Computing in Science & Engineering 14(2):12-23. DOI: 10.1109/MCSE.2011.116.


The complexity, computational demands, and need for flexibility in the PRIMA framework requires a powerful and nimble software framework. For many applications, this need is met by Velo, a software infrastructure designed at PNNL for defining and orchestrating workflows and managing projects, content, and metadata. 

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