U.S. Department of Energy

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

PRIMA: Platform for Regional Integrated Modeling and Analysis

Climate, energy, water, and land. Collectively, these elements interact and influence the world in many ways, from powering cities to feeding people to ensuring access to water and other natural resources.

PNNL’s Platform for Regional Integrated Modeling and Analysis, or PRIMA, is designed to simulate the complex interactions among climate, energy, water, and land at decision-relevant spatial scales. By bringing together models of climate, socioeconomics, hydrology, agriculture, buildings, electricity, and other sectors, PRIMA helps regional stakeholders—with an initial focus on the upper U.S. Midwest—develop and evaluate strategies for responding to complex socioeconomic and environmental changes. PRIMA’s capabilities also are being leveraged and extended for other projects and applications, such as exploring the impacts of regional climate change and sea level rise on energy infrastructure in the U.S. Gulf Coast.


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