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Demonstration Activities

In 2014, the demonstration activities are culminating in a set of experiments that exercise all of the multiscale, multi-domain facets of PRIMA simultaneously, including simulation and analysis of land use and land cover change and the integrated water cycle. The primary analysis region—for all domains—coincides with the Eastern Interconnection of the U.S. electric grid (shown in image).

An integral part of the demonstration project is working actively with major stakeholder groups in the electricity, agriculture, and water sectors to identify the climate mitigation, adaptation, technology, and socioeconomic scenarios of greatest interest. This information advises the demonstration project’s uncertainty characterization research and helps identify priorities for future model development and demonstration activities.

POC: Jennie Rice

To demonstrate the insights available from PRIMA’s unique integration of regional environmental and human system models, PNNL is conducting a series of increasingly complex numerical experiments focusing on the interactions among climate, energy, water, and land systems in the eastern United States.

Prior to 2014, the PRIMA team developed and tested the individual component models that constitute the PRIMA framework then performed pairwise couplings between regional climate and the hydrology/water management, integrated assessment, building energy demand, and electricity infrastructure models. These efforts focused on the Upper Midwest region of the United States.

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